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All Things Open is an open sources software conference based out of the Raleigh Durham Research Triangle in North Carolina that is now in it’s fourth year.

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The organizers of the conference originally came to Period Three to have us develop a brand for their first year splash into a very competitive space. They needed the brand to be cool (to influence developers to want to attend and be a part of it). They also needed it to be appealing enough to larger corporate sponsors - therefore, also speak on an enterprise level - cool and businessy - hard balance to achieve sometimes.

After a few concepts and iterations, we ended up with a space and astronaut theme - something to show the "All" and "Open" nature of the brand. It was something that open source software conferences had never really done (= cool). We made the rest of the site visually formal and well organized in order to show that it was worthy of enterprise level sponsorship (and yes, the high level of speakers they brought in to speak and teach probably helped too).

In the spirit of open source - we ended up using Creative Commons licensed images from NASA, and altered them to tell a story of our astronaut (Astro) coming from space, to land in Raleigh for the conference.






We also developed a custom typeface / font for the website called ATOSoftyFace - which has won an InShow award from AIGA - and which we open-sourced for others to use.


Since then, we've continued to develop the conference's brand, and have produced 4 iterations of the their website, and are currently planning this year's re-skin as their conference grows.

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