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iotech International is a rapidly growing startup out of Boca Raton Florida. Like all good startups, it began in the the garage – a garage converted into a laboratory run by two chemists and a clinician. The developed a patented way to use molecular organic iodine to clean fruits and vegetables, and to prevent spoilage for weeks instead of days.

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iotech's biggest hurdle was that of most startups - time. They had a food industry trade show looming where they were putting all of their eggs (and vegetables) to make a splash into the market. They needed a website, online shopping, email, sales presentations, and social media set up and fully functional in just over a month - true startup in every way.

Working with their graphic designer and videographer, we were able to help the iotech team decide strategic direction for branding of their company and their product (ioFresh), and then extending that brand to on- and off-line collaterals, including building their new e-commerce website, sales presentations, and securing social media accounts for their team to use as needed.



Because of the splash they made at their trade show, complete with an established branded look, they've been able to secure large enterprise contracts without even fully tapping into the consumer market (yet).

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