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When The Cregger Company came to Period Three, they were in the beginning stages of offering a private label heating and air brand – McClure Air Conditioning and Heating. They already had some branding work completed, but they needed a web app that allowed them to capture registrations of each one of the units they sold through their dealer network. They also needed a way for the customer to rate the unit installers / dealers so that they could build better relationships with their more competent installers.

 Desktop Screenshot  Mobile Screenshot

We spent some time with the Cregger / McClure team to figure out exactly what was important for each type of user (from customer, to installer, dealer, and also admin) - and how to build the app and database structure to handle current and future needs.

The McClure web app was built custom, using Laravel (a PHP framework) to help structure the data and design. We then built an administrative dashboard for the McClure team to manage registrations, products and installers. Finally, we built a client facing site that lists all of their products - that tied directly to the registrations, complete with pdf downloads, for their dealer network to help market their new brand.



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